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we need more light to shine our heart

41 is a good age, we need more light to shine our heart ......

amazing mix with led linear lights

We are enjoying the amazing mix, with led linear lights, you can do almost any shape you like! Please see the latest job below. Any queries, please feel free to contact

led tri proof lights --- new product release

Are you looking for led tri proof lights? We have a new product release for your choice.

Specification: 40W, 60W or customize per your request Material: Aluminum base with PC cover for good reliability and even light distribution Mounting: can be suspended or surface mounted Wide application for basement, underground garage, tunnel, chemical factory, etc. Product has been strictly tested in our test lab.
led tri proof light LT1640-40W ip65 lights LT1660-60W
New Shine Lighting is dedicated in providing led lighting solution and customize led linear lights for clients. We believe fast fish eats slow fish, so we stick to quick action. If you have a project at hand, let's show you what you can get from us.

For more information, please contact or visit our website

led linear lighting --- led circle lamp for high end decoration

Working on high end hotel, office, residential place for decoration? It can be your choice!

There are three sizes: 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm for choice. Color can be customized, power and efficiency can also be customized as well!

We are dedicated in providing led linear lighting solutions for clients in the quickest manner! For more information, feel free to contact

led circle lamp LT1896-96W

New Shine Lighting LED linear light waterproof test

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latest job using led linear lighting

Enjoy sports, Enjoy lighting!
There are more and more modern public areas using led linear lighting, there should be at least three reasons. 1. LED linear lighting can make people see the light but not the lighting fitting, this make the space bright and modern. 2. Almost all kinds of shapes can be adapted with led linear lighting. 3. The whole application using lead linear lighting is cost effective, than all other lights. Let's see the latest job here. For more information, please feel free to contact Becky at

led linear lights --- new release

How to make us competitive? Innovative products is one of the most important thing! With solid technical background in lighting for more than 10 years, and dedicated project teams, we have new led linear lights to share with clients each month!

For more information, please click below:

ip65 lights LT1660-60W
led tri proof light LT1640-40W
linear led lighting fixtures LT06Z70A-70W
led recessed lighting LT06Z54A-54W
linear recessed led LT06Z36A-36W
linear ceiling light LT06Z24B-24W
recessed linear led lighting LT06Z15B-15W
linear led recessed light LT06Z12B-12W
linear light fixture LT15Z60A-60W 

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Name: Becky

Why choose LED linear lights?

LED lights come in all figures and dimensions which make choosing the right lights sometimes difficult especially when more than one option is provided. When considering all of the possible solutions, linear LED should always be a high priority, because Linear LED lights offer a variety of benefits other LED alternatives often do not. One of the most significant benefits of LED Linear Lighting is an adaptive design. Most lights are designed to be installed once and never moved or altered again. Linear LED can be setup in a modular manner. This allows them to be quickly moved, altered, and rearranged as needed. Another key consideration should be installation. Easy installation not only makes LED lights simple to utilize, but also provides enhanced versatility. Because most linear setups are lightweight, they can be installed on ceilings, walls, bars, and any other stable support structure. Along the same lines, they should be easy to maintain. In most cases, the easier the initial in…

persistence is key to success

A few days ago, I read an article saying that even a little bit progress every day means big progress a year!

Firstly let's see below two numbers. Yes, you are right, after 365 days, they are very different!

New Shine Lighting, our RD stickes to design and develop new led linear lighting products each month, and we finally find that there are so many new products at a period! Anyway, please see the one below released recently, which is well received by clients. 

Lighting Fixtures Market Foresee a Significant increase

Lighting Fixtures Market Set to Surge Significantly During 2015 – 2021
Lighting fixtures market has gained momentum in recent years as construction activity and motor vehicle production activity have been increasing globally. Rapidly growing demand for LED (light emitting diode) lighting has also been driving the growth of the lighting fixtures industry. LEDs offer longer life and higher energy efficiency as compared to incandescent lamps. Lighting fixtures based on LED technology are anticipated to be a key driver of the market in coming years as the technological advancements in LED light sources are expected to further enhance their energy-efficiency, brightness and affordability. Demand for energy efficient lighting is driven by increased regulatory pressures across the globe. There is significant difference in LED technology and other lightings in terms of energy efficiency and this is anticipated to create fundamental disruption in the lighting industry across the value chain. …