LED Decorative Ring Series(Inner Emitting)

Who said pendant lights are only reserved for the dining room?They can add some glam to just about any space, including your living room.

What about this pendant light:

How grand is this look? Don't be afraid to venture out of the box when it comes to lighting your living room.

While it's not something you see every day, Inner emitting lighting ,or lighting that goes around the perimeter of your tray or vaulted ceiling, can really add something special to your space.

LED gymnasium lighting

When choosing lighting for your gym, it's important to choose something that doesn't need to be changed often.Due to the high ceiling, maintenance costs are high and time consuming.LED lights are very durable, long life, reduce the cost of lighting maintenance.
Another challenge with gym lighting is avoiding the glare.It's important to remember that gym goers often spend a lot of time looking at the ceiling.They can't help but stare at the ceiling as they lift weights, do leg exercises, or do full-body exercises.If the wrong fixtures are used, they can produce blinding glare that can blind people at the gym and make them have a very bad experience

LED lights for supermarkets

Supermarkets are like all other retail stores in the sense that they need to provide a pleasant shopping experience. With traditional lighting such as fluorescent, they can flicker, buzz, or output low quality light which can cause customers to leave early, not return, or complain. With LED lighting, the quality of light is improved and energy savings are obtained. 

Supermarkets & grocery stores have a tough time increasing food & produce sales, and lighting can be a major contributing factor to this effort. Proper lighting in any grocery store will provide adequate illumination, high color contrast (to make items stand out), extra lighting on strategic products, and to do all of this while saving energy is a plus. Our LED  lighting solutions offer all of this, and more. From energy savings to higher quality light, it is perfect for any grocer.

LED lighting improves office productivity

LED lighting products are known for performance, energy efficiency, and long term savings. The benefits of LED lighting in offices or workplaces however are not limited to that. It has been proven that installing high quality LED lights create healthy work environment and increases employee productivity.

Proper lighting is crucial for workplace productivity and often influences employee perception, mood, and performance. Studies have proven that harsh and inadequate lighting decreases everyday productivity. By opting LED lights which mimic natural light and have higher CRI, business owners all over the world are improving productivity among employees and create the perfect work environment. This is probably the biggest benefit of using LED lighting in offices.
While above are the biggest benefits of LED lighting in offices or workplace, most of these advantages come when you buy high quality LED lighting products.
You can choose this lighting --LED Square light

LED Rainbow light

Light creates atmosphere. Many factors affect the building atmosphere. Natural light is one of the most important factors. In the film, a sad, mysterious and gloomy atmosphere is difficult to use bright light illumination. In space, it is the same. Architecture needs to use light to create a different order and rhythm change the spatial effect gives different atmosphere.
A new lamp is introduced today----LED rainbow light.
It's the latest product from New Shine Lighting.

Product features: Main body color: Black/WhiteLip color: Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/WhiteInstallation: Suspended/ Surface MountedMaterial: Alu+PMMA

How does light affect people

How does light affect people? Light creates atmosphereLight creates a feeling of emotionsLight influence mood

Light is fundamental for space and essential for human well-being and it is the 
success of any building. Light quality affects human behavior, health, comfort 
and mood.
New shine lighting provide the rainbow lights

A survey of lighting professionals concluded that color is a critical 
consideration in all lighting applications and that it is typically more 
important than light efficacy. Why is this? Similar to the way physical color 
influences psychology, the color of lighting also has a physiological effect on