LED linear lighting with modern shop

We've found led linear lighting is really a good match with modern shops! Let's see some pictures of one of our recent projects. It makes the shop elegant and gorgeous! You can imagine without the led linear lights, what it would be.

And the light using in the application is as below: linear led recessed light LT06Z12B-12W
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amazing mix with led linear lights

We are enjoying the amazing mix, with led linear lights, you can do almost any shape you like! Please see the latest job below. Any queries, please feel free to contact

led tri proof lights --- new product release

Are you looking for led tri proof lights? We have a new product release for your choice.

Specification: 40W, 60W or customize per your request Material: Aluminum base with PC cover for good reliability and even light distribution Mounting: can be suspended or surface mounted Wide application for basement, underground garage, tunnel, chemical factory, etc. Product has been strictly tested in our test lab.
led tri proof light LT1640-40W ip65 lights LT1660-60W
New Shine Lighting is dedicated in providing led lighting solution and customize led linear lights for clients. We believe fast fish eats slow fish, so we stick to quick action. If you have a project at hand, let's show you what you can get from us.

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led linear lighting --- led circle lamp for high end decoration

Working on high end hotel, office, residential place for decoration? It can be your choice!

There are three sizes: 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm for choice. Color can be customized, power and efficiency can also be customized as well!

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led circle lamp LT1896-96W

New Shine Lighting LED linear light waterproof test

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latest job using led linear lighting

Enjoy sports, Enjoy lighting!
There are more and more modern public areas using led linear lighting, there should be at least three reasons. 1. LED linear lighting can make people see the light but not the lighting fitting, this make the space bright and modern. 2. Almost all kinds of shapes can be adapted with led linear lighting. 3. The whole application using lead linear lighting is cost effective, than all other lights. Let's see the latest job here. For more information, please feel free to contact Becky at